OSE Cloud Marketing

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OSE Cloud Marketing

OSE Cloud Marketing

Маркетинговий інструмент, що надає кілька маркетингових функцій

OSE Cloud Marketing поєднує в собі декілька інструментів інтерактивного маркетингу. Це дозволяє створювати RSS-канали, щоб показати список статей, створених у вашій Joomla CMS. Крім того, є вбудований розділ маркетингового каналу, який дозволяє створювати канал новин FeedMyInbox, щоб користувачі могли підписатися на новини через модуль FeedMyInbox на передній панелі.

Нарешті, усі RSS-канали, створені OSE Cloud Marketing, підтримують відомий соціальний механізм подання (dlvr.it), який дозволяє автоматично надсилати весь оновлений вміст у свій обліковий запис Facebook, Twitter та LinkedIn.


A marketing tool providing multiple marketing functionality

OSE Cloud Marketing combines multiple online marketing tools into one. It allows you to create RSS feeds to show a list of articles created within your Joomla CMS. Apart from that, there is a built-in marketing channel section allows you to create a FeedMyInbox news letter channel so users can subscribe to the news letter through the FeedMyInbox module in the front-end. Lastly, all RSS feeds created by OSE Cloud Marketing supports the renown social submit engine (dlvr.it), which allows you to automatically submit all updated content to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account.

To see how OSE works in terms of rss feed creation, please see this WIKI

An innovative solution reducing your marketing costs significantly!

Unlike the traditional way of email marketing and social submit, OSE Cloud Marketing utilizes an innovative way to distribute your newsletters and submit content to social network ('social submit') in an cost-effective way. Traditionally, email marketing and 'social submit' will consume a lot of resources in your server which increases the costs or running a website. With OSE Cloud Marketing, this cost will be reduced to the minimum.

To see how OSE works in terms of email marketing, please see this WIKI


'Social submit' made easy

Using social engine to distribute content as a marketing strategy becomes a trend nowadays. However, technically, using a system plugin to submit content to different burdensome when the number of items and social engine increases. With OSE Cloud Marketing, this costs will be passed to 3rd party distribution services which saves the server resources. 

To see how OSE works in terms of Social Submit, please see this WIKI

Continual development

OSE will add more features into the Cloud Marketing component to make it more and more powerful. If you have any innovative ideas that would like to add to the component, please feel free to submit a ticket to our support desk and we will discuss it and see how to add it into the future release.  






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